Liberty Seed Company intends to add momentum to the home gardening movement by offering our customers socially responsible garden seed and providing them with relevant gardening content.

About Liberty Seed Company

All of us at Liberty Seed Company are aware of the many obstacles facing the average American: Rising food prices, increased exposure to harmful pesticides, and a growing lack of control over our food supply. Liberty Seed Company believes the home gardening movement is the solution to many of the obstacles facing America. By offering socially responsible garden seed and providing relevant gardening content we intend to add momentum to the home gardening movement. We as a people have the power to control our future, take control of your future, and plant your LIBERTY GARDEN™ today!


Liberty Seeds is located in the vibrant gardening community of Grants Pass, Oregon. Here, in Grants Pass, gardens are not only a sense of pride, but they are also a way of keeping food on the table. Families have been growing food in the Grants Pass Valley for many generations, and the gardening knowledge and expertise runs deep in this town. Liberty Seed Company is proud to be headquartered in an area with such a rich history, and we are honored to share our culture and beliefs with our customers.

We Believe

  • Seeds should be Safe. All of the seeds we sell are: non-treated, open-pollinated, non-hybrid, grown in the USA, non-GMO, and are packaged following the Liberty Seed Safe Seed Pledge.

Read the Liberty Seed Pledge.

  • Seeds are for the People. Unfortunately we live in a world today where corporate and political interests are manipulating the home gardener’s ability to be in control of their own food production. This trend of market manipulation is in direct contrast to the ideals of Liberty Seeds, and it is our goal to put garden seeds back into the hands of gardeners.

Democracy depends on the home gardener.

  • Biodiversity needs to be protected. Threats against biodiversity are threats against home gardeners. Genetically modified crops, pollution, exploitation of natural resources, and mono-cropping are all threats that need to be carefully managed.

Why is biodiversity important?

  • Gardeners have the power. Now is perhaps the best time in human history to start your backyard garden. Stand up for your right to grow your own food!


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