Heirloom Fruit Seeds

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Heirloom Fruit Seeds

If you are planning to start your own garden, it is highly advised that you begin with heirloom fruit seeds. Heirloom, organic, and  non-hybrid seed will produce the authentic type of fruit that is sometimes a far cry from what we normally see in the grocery stores. It is produced by gardeners and market vendors rarely sell them – unless it is a market full of vegetables and fruits grown from personal gardens.

When we say non-hybrid seeds, this means the seeds are self pollinating. Regardless of how far down the generation the fruit or vegetable is, they will still have the qualities of the original seed where it came from. That is actually quite cool and you are assured that you will be getting the same look, taste and smell as what your ancestors picked off their own garden. The same is true even if your grandchildren and their grandchildren will continue to cultivate your garden.

The popular choice for heirloom fruit seeds seems to be tomatoes. They are considered as fruits after all. Heirloom tomato marzano should be worth the investment. These elongated tomatoes can be traced back in the late 1700s. Italians can swear that it makes one of the best sauce tomatoes among the many varieties. You can concentrate on a tomato marzano great heirloom garden or you can mix it with other fruits too.

Some gardeners plant heirloom fruit seeds for their personal consumption while others do it for business purposes. You can sell the seeds from your garden because a lot of people are looking for heirloom seed sources. Happy gardener gift sets that include heirloom seeds can be sold online or in trade fairs. Or if you follow our advice on the marzano tomatoes, you can create the tomato sauce and sell it in the market.

Aside from heirloom fruit seeds, you can also plant vegetables alongside them. Feel free to explore what you can plant and start enjoying the produce of your hard work in a few months time. Not only are heirloom fruits and vegetables better tasting, if you grow them right, they will be healthier alternatives to what is sold in the grocery.

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