Non-Hybrid Seeds

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Non-Hybrid Seeds

Non-hybrid seeds come from self pollinating plants. These can be considered as quality seeds for generations because they will always have the same qualities of the original seed where they came from. These qualities include the taste, look and smell of the produce. For instance, the heirloom tomato that you are growing and eating is the very same type that your ancestors picked from their garden and ate on their tables. Amazing right?

There is a process called seed saving that you can adapt when you wish to preserve the seeds in your garden. You can use them to plant new sets of produce – that way you do not have to keep buying seeds. This of course is not possible with all type of vegetable or fruit types but it is a worthy hobby that you can get yourself into.

Non-hybrid seeds are probably the best seed saving variety. You can plant them alongside each other without fear that they will be genetically modified through cross pollination. If you want to stick to the original food supply, limit your garden to non hybrid seeds. But if you insist on having hybrid seeds, just make sure you follow the space provision for each species so they will not get the pollen from the other plants.

By having these in your garden, you will be assured that your food supply and source of vitamin and minerals will remain the same. It will be as if they were all planted at the same time. The best non-hybrid species include tomatoes, beans, eggplants, watermelons, peppers and cucumbers. Fully ripe versions of these fruits and vegetables make for a great long term seed storage purposes.

Non-hybrid seeds are also the type to be planted in emergency survival seed banks. These emergency survival seeds will ensure investors that they will never run out of food even if there is a shortage of produce. Their family will stay fed even if the environment around them will not produce food. It has been gaining popularity in recent years after the economy became unstable so it may not be a bad idea to look into them.


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